The SCOUT is the new sport wing from PRO-DESIGN. The SCOUT was created a sporty wing (certified EN-B), which targets the most demanding cross country pilots in terms of handling, performance, and precision. Numerous flights were made to demonstrate its superior efficiency and performance in weak and strong conditions compared to higher category wings. The primary design objectives were to create a wing that climbs exceptionally well in thermals and provides a high level of safety for the intended pilot
The speed and penetration into a head-wind are astonishing. Through it’s precision handling, it is a pure pleasure to fly. With the Medium SCOUT weighing just 4.5kg, it is an excellent choice for Hike and Fly
»  Reduced weight using high-quality high-tech fabric
» Aspect ratio of 5.7 with a good passive safety
» Sharknose with rods ensuring impeccable behaviour during take-off and flight
» Internal V-Bridge System (SVB) construction
» Double 3D shaping of leading edge for optimal shape and increased efficiency
» Longer lasting Dyneema lines
» Unsheathed upper lines for greater weight saving
» Sheathed main lines are colour-coded for quick and easy identification
» Swiveled brake line attachments ensuring that the brake lines can’t become twisted
» Brake handles magnetic for easy use
» High-tech fabric with minimum weight and very good durability