NEW! Tandem


AMIGA 2 - the perfect Tandem glider - share the passion!

The balanced handling and the stable in-flight characteristics make the AMIGA 2 a perfect Tandem glider especially for the professional use. The excellent launch behavior remains unchanged even after long time and many hundreds of take-off procedures due to a special construction of the canopy. In the period of development the glider was flown and tested by several tandem pilots. By these results we could optimize the design of the AMIGA 2 for the professional flying and give it a perfect handling.

The general save behavior and the stability of the canopy in turbulence is guaranteed since ever for a PRO-DESIGN glider!

The AMIGA 2 grants highest pleasure for the flight with your passenger!


  • line attachments to ribs on all A- and B- positions, therefore perfect remaining shape on the nose section.
  • partial V-ribs on C- and D- positions
  • easy layout of the canopy without line entanglement
  • perfect launch, no "hang-back" of the canopy, no forward surge and no dive after take-off
  • remaining perfect launch characteristic over many hundred flights due to SST technology
  • good trim speed
  • stable in-flight behavior
  • balanced handling with moderate brake pressure, perfect turn even with little brake
  • late and easy recognizable stall for a save landing with the passenger
  • small packing and light weight
  • including tandem spreader system with removable bar

Changes made over the previous AMIGA (1) model

  • new lighter fabric, lower canopy weight, smaller packing, with new coating for improved porosity figures and longer life span
  • added SST technology (see features)
  • improvement on interior V-rib construction
  • improvement of launch and ground handling characteristic due to interaction of the new features
  • increased rib-to-rib vent function
  • new refreshment on canopy color combinations

PRO-DESIGN guarantees our well-known top quality workmanship and the use of only the highest quality materials!