Checks & repairs


Special offer for 2-year-check:

If you accomplish the check directly with PRO-DESIGN, you will profit more than once:

  • Best product knowledge of the manufacturer and experienced personnel
  • When have the check of your new PRO-DESIGN glider done with us in time, we extend the manufacturer´s warranty by another year according to our guarantee conditions.
  • We do also examine gliders of other manufacturers!

The purpose of the 2-year-check is: to check the technical condition of your glider as well as to find out about whether the glider is still fit to fly. The result of the check is recorded in the Check-Report Paraglider.

Why have your 2-year-check done by PRO-DESIGN?

We recommend that repairs and 2-year-checks should only be done by PRO-DESIGN or a PRO-DESIGN designated workshop. Each paraglider is checked thoroughly with special procedures by our reliable and highly skilled specialists relying on our 1000-times proven system using special measuring instruments.

We recommend that you have your glider checked every year or after 100 fligths but latest two years after the last check!


The following tests are done in a 2-year-check:

  • porosity of the cloth
  • line lengths
  • tear-strength of the lines
  • check of the seams and rapid links
  • damage check of line coatings
  • damage check of top and bottom sails

Please note, in the high season it can take 2-3 weeks to get a 2-year-check done. So please send us your glider well ahead in time before your planned holiday trip! Simply pack the glider in a box, enclose a note with your name, address and request and post it to the following address:

Zimmeterweg 4
A-6020 Innsbruck


Legal situation

The owners is responsible for the paraglider being in an airworthy condition. Your paraglider is in airworthy condition if it is maintained according to the instructions of the manufacturer. If you want the extended manufacturer warranty not to expire, repairs may only be done by PRO-DESIGN or one of PRO-DESIGNs authorized workshops. In case of questions please contact either us directly or one of our partners.

Legal Obligation / Check Duty

In Austria, the check is regulated by law. If a glider is used for commercial purposes, it has to be checked every year or after 150 flights. In general, a glider has to be checked every two years following the general instruction of the manufacturers. It is recommended to have the glider checked around the 'expiry date' specified in the operating manual (see data lable on stabilo).

Also in Germany the general instructions of the manufacturers are to have the glider checked every two years. DHV/LTF regulations: The DHV/LTF certificate (homologation) of a glider expires 24 months after having been checked by the manufacturer (see entry in lable). The certification doesn't lose its validity if the glider is checked in time and passes the check. The check is confirmed in a check-report. The person checking the glider has to decide on the extension period after which the next check is necessary, maximum another 24 months.