The mountain glider with ultra-light weight and the performance of a modern Intermeditate!

The AQUILA is a complete novelty and without competition! Second to none in combination weight to performance with usual canopy sizes and 42 cells, like an Intermediate!• extremely light canopy weight by the use of latest materials


  • extremely small packing volume
  • best launch characteristics
  • light and sporty handling
  • performance like an Intermediate (gliding ratio >8 !)
  • perfect mountain glider!

special harness AQUILA XLW

For the perfect combination we recommend the AQUILA with the special harness XLW:

  • rucksack and harness in one, bag turns into a harness (convertible rucksack/harness)
  • extremely small packing volume
  • extremely light weight (M – 850gr / L – 950gr)
  • genious simple design but nevertheless comfortable in flight
  • available in sizes M and ML

M for pilots 160 cm to 180 cm
ML for pilots 175 cm to 195 cm

PRO-DESIGN guarantees our well-known top quality workmanship and the use of only the highest quality materials!