NEW! Intermediate

Technical Innovations

SST technology
PRO-DESIGN SST technology, a profile nose part reinforcement for better and unchanged launch behavior during the glider‘s whole life span!


New fabric
New glider fabric with special formular coating for highest durability, longer life span and highly improved porosity figures! Now with even lesser weight for an overall lighter glider!


Light fabric
New glider fabric now with even lesser weight for an overall lighter glider!


Partial V-rib technology
PRO-DESIGN‘s new development with partial V-rib technology grants an optimum weight distribution to the top surface with fewer line attachment points on the lower surface.


Ram-Air pockets
Ram-Air pockets at the inside of the leading edge on the lower sail reduce disturbing vibrations and stabilise the glider at high speed.


Reinforcement tape
A special tape running span-wise near the trailing edge reduces oscillation and allows for above average in-flight stability.


For more efficiency on the brake-effect and optimising the tension on the trailing edge with minimum brakelines necessary


Differing line diameters
The special PRO-DESIGN line concept with progressively differing diameters allows for maximum overall strength and the lowest possible drag. Another important new development from PRO-DESIGN is the new pre-stretched and bend-insensitive Dyneema line. These highly durable lines have an increased breaking strength while remaining consistent in length.


A special A-folding line for easily doing big-ears is also standard.


Velco opening on stabilizer
On the back part of the stabilizer there is an integrated Velcro opening what allows to remove dirt from the inside of the canopy.


Convex panel cut
A special convex cut of the panel in the nose section cares for improved accuracy of the profile shape resulting in a better performance feature.


Swivel on brake handle
The in the brake handle integrated swivel prevents the main brake line to get twisted.