NEW! Intermediate


ACCURA 3 - PRO-DESIGN beats the top among the Intermediates!

To make improvements on something what is already top is not an easy task! In to many cases designers launch the new version of a good model by making the successor worse.
The ACCURA 3 however was modified in the details what can makes things better only whilst keeping best features as they are. Not only pilots who change brand and deciding for a PRO-DESIGN, but also owners of the previous ACCURA 2 and 2.1 will notice the difference and will love the new improvements. Mostly news come along with compromises, that is not the case with the new ACCURA 3. Still the bomb stable canopy in turbulent conditions, still the one with agile and most likable handling, still the one outperforming most higher performance class gliders in thermals. But now in addition with new features making the real good real better!

ACCURA 3 – stunning performance packed in easiness and unique in-flight stability, will please infrequently flying pilots same way as experienced pilots flying regularly and since decades!


  • light weight (ideal for Para-Trekking too), small packing
  • balanced and agile handling
  • easiest launch behavior
  • best performance in its class
  • high safety potential and unique in-flight stability
  • highest quality materials with accurate workmanship
  • PD features
  • top design!

Changes made over the previous ACCURA 2.1 model

  • new lighter fabric, lower canopy weight, smaller packing, with new coating for improved porosity figures and longer life span
  • adding the SST technology (see features)
  • new wing tip shape with a resulting bit more aspect ratio
  • optimized wing tip air inlets with mesh openings for improved inflation characteristics
  • improvement on interior rib and V-rib construction
  • improvement of launch and ground handling characteristic due to interaction of the new features
  • increased rib-to-rib vent function
  • new refreshment on canopy design and colors

PRO-DESIGN guarantees our well-known top quality workmanship and the use of only the highest quality material!