CUGA 2 - Basic Intermediate


... the right glider matters!

THE easy Allrounder for Entry Level pilots and those not flying frequently, a consistant conversion of our philosophy! Its passive safety, the convenient handling and easiest launch behavior give you the trust from the first hour. The precise developed profile grants for maximum pitch stability and gives pleasure in flight without any stress.

Particularly the first experiences count!

  • light weight canopy
  • smallest packing
  • convenient handling
  • balanced flight characteristics
  • homogeneous launch behavior
  • best performance in its class
  • new dynamic design


The successor of the renowned and well proven CUGA now even better!

Changes made over the previous CUGA (1) model:

  • new lighter fabric, lower canopy weight, smaller packing, with new coating for improved porosity figures and longer life span
  • new wing shape with a bit more aspect ratio, more agile handling, more performance
  • SST technology (see features)
  • new trimming and higher trim speed, at launch canopy coming overhead quicker
  • improved EN/LTF certification results now all in cat. A (smallest size is the exemption)
  • instead in 4 sizes now available in 5 sizes

PRO-DESIGN guarantees our well-known top quality workmanship and the use of only the highest quality materials!