THEMA 3 - Performance Intermediate


another step forward!

The brandnew THEMA 3, successor of the THEMA 2 which was a favorable choice all over, stands out with newly refined features. Retaining renown in-flight stability, best launch behavior and uncritical behavior in borderline situations, the new THEMA 3 giving the pilot an even higher trim speed with a resulting improved glide performance. The brake pressure is in comparison to the former model considerably lighter and the handling is just briliant! The higher wing aspect ratio giving a more elegant look as well as an improvement in performance whilst keeping safety and in-flight stability the same. Flat turns in the thermal with best climb rate combined with the outstanding glide makes the new THEMA 3 to a great performing Intermediate second to none!


  • small packing
  • light weight
  • easy controllable launch
  • canopy come overhead quickly without a following surge
  • high trim speed
  • wide speed range by an efficient speed system and a late stall point
  • low sink rate and efficient glide ratio
  • flat turns in the thermal with best climb
  • remarkable pleasing and sporty handling
  • stable overall flight characteristics with uncritical behavior
  • elegant wing
  • best workmanship and the use of highest quality materials
  • EN/LTF B certified

New features opposite to the former model

  • new lighter fabric
  • fabric with improved porosity figures and even longer life span
  • SST technology
  • improved glide performance
  • brilliant light handling

PRO-DESIGN guarantees our well-known top quality workmanship and the use of only the highest quality materials!