Powered Intermediate

The particularly balanced Intermediate THEMA 3 in the MOTOR versions is a fantastic option for pilots who wish to have the ability for free flying and flying with the motor combined in one glider. The easy ground handling and optimum launch behavior with quickest inflation and coming overhead, as well as the forgiving general flight characteristic making it suitable for a wide range of pilots. Due to the high safety potential the wing is  also recommended to the newcomer pilot. The riser system clearly described in the extra page allowing adjustments for free flying and the motorized flight. The handling in flight and turning behavior will please the pilot from the very first moment!

THEMA 3 MOTOR – a proven design excellent for both, free flying and the powered flight!


  • easy zero wind inflation
  • short take off distance
  • effective flare for soft landings
  • ease of use
  • efficient performance
  • stability in turbulence
  • pleasing precise handling
  • suitable for most power units
  • riser design for free flying PG and PPG

PRO-DESIGN guarantees our well-known top quality workmanship and the use of only the highest quality materials!