Advantage from a new development in paraglider rescue system design!

The new safety system ORYON Cross, a state-of-the-art canopy-centerline-construction with cross wise panel cut and square shape, setting new standards! The new unique design granting absolute pendulum free descent combined with low sink rate. The easy opening inner container and the extensively tested method of packing care for perfect and quick deployment in accordance to the certification guidelines.
By the use of modern fabrics and smart design details the ORYON Cross features with very small packing volume and extremely light weight. Fabrics, lines and manufacturing are from Europe, granting highest quality! Made by experts of parachute manufacturing over decades! Packing is as simple as packing a regular round canopy reserve.

Feature listing:

  • small packing volume
  • extremely light in weight
  • easy and quick deployment
  • pendulum free descent
  • low sink rate
  • high quality materials and workmanship by experts, made in Europe
  • LTF certification 120kg