Hiro Air

Beginner & Comfort 

HIRO AIR is the successors of the well liked MITO harness with improved details, additional features and overworked design.

The HIRO AIR is a convenient comfort harness made from fine materials with perfect workmanship. By the use of selected fabrics and a well thought design, the harness is optimized with a lightest possible weight construction.

Target groups are from entry level pilots over fun pilots up to professionals.

  • Easy launch and running without difficulty
  • Easy sit back after take off
  • Highest comfort in flight
  • rescue container: tube container lateral/underneath
  • small foam wedge under seat
  • air protector / airbag
With easy adjusting of all straps the HIRO AIR comes with an additional new feature – an adjustment of the seat angle for more efficiency and better seat position when leaning fully back during XC flight

HIRO AIR – superlative degree harness built light weight!

material: 100% PA Ripstop and DuPont Cordura
buckles: AustriAlpin Cobra
carabiner: AustriAlpin Powerfly steel
weight: 3,6kg (w.o. carabiners)
LTF certified (by EAPR)
max.load: 120 kg
sizes: S, M, L, XL
distance between carabiners (cm):
width of seat (cm): 39/39/39/42
rec. body height (cm):
155-170 (S) / 165-180 (M)
175-190 (L) / 185-195 (XL)