Easy and 100% fun flying for everyone.
This easy, well balanced all-rounder is aimed at entry level pilots for your first flights and infrequent flying pilots. The CUGA 3’s passive safety, easy launch and balanced handling deliver immediate confidence, pleasure and 100% fun from the very first flight.
The handling of the CUGA 3 strikes the balance needed to optimize the development of a pilot’s flying skills and instincts. The brakes are precise yet forgiving. The turn is responsive and playful, well co-ordinated and comfortable. The glider gives the right amount of feedback for entry level pilots which makes it easy to learn about the air, whilst the reduced pitch, roll and yaw movements ensure that pilots make comfortable progress towards flying in more active air including thermals. All this predictability means more fun!
» Light weight canopy
» Great performance in its class
» New dynamic design
» Light weight canopy
» New wing shape with slightly more aspect ratio and agile handling, better performance with SST technology
» Convenient handling: pitch dampened, roll resistant, yaw stable
» Balanced flight characteristics Homogeneous launch behaviour
» Pull up energetic yet not too fast
» Good sink rate
» Forgiving yet effective and responsive when landing
» EN/LTF certification category A on all (except XS)
» Available in 5 sizes